Not All Clowns are Bozos IV: So You Think You Can Clown

April 5-8, 2012

Theatre Off Jackson

Performer Bios

Douglas Bruey (Band) has studied saxophone with Brian Kent for ten years, and currently plays around Seattle as part of Sebastian and the Deep Blue. He has enjoyed three years of Ear to the Ground productions, and joined the board last September. He is excited and honored to be included in this year's production. Special thanks to Xan Scott and Linda Severt for inviting him to perform in their scenes.

Ben Burris (Performer) is a graduate of Cornish College of the Arts. Ben is also a local actor and puppeteer. You may have seen him recently in Theater Schmeater's "Vestal Virgins", "Reservoir Dolls", Brian Kooser's "Frankenocchio", Theater Simple's "Wonderland", SSC's "The Servant of Two Masters" and "14/48." During the day Ben is a puppeteer with Thistle Theatre and has performed in such shows as "The Gingerbread Boy", "Momotaro" and "Quest for Planet X." If you happen to be in Canada this summer, you can see Ben with Le Frenchword in "Fancy Mud" at the Winnipeg and Edmonton Fringe Festivals!

Marchette DuBois (Band) is delighted to be a part of the band! One morning she woke up and thought "I need more clowns in my life", and now this. She has been a musician since she was wee, and apparently had a severe case of clowns, which went undiagnosed for years. Other current projects include: Bucharest Drinking Team, Les Pamplemousses, and Operadisiac! Thanks to so many people in my life who support me, especially Costi who regularly practices laughing with her/me/us.

Steven Gomez (Performer) thanks Ear to the Ground for the opportunity to clown for an eager audience. A Las Vegas native, Steven moved to Seattle in 2004 and returned to theatre a couple seasons ago after an 11 year hiatus. Steven also does improv and sketch comedy: He co-founded the sketch comedy duo Banana Obscura with Ectal Greenhaw and is a founding member of Seattle improv group Wonderland. Steven discovered clown in 2010 thanks to George Lewis at the Freehold Studio, thanks Carter Rodriquez for directing his piece and thanks Ear to the Ground for helping him further cut his clown teeth. Look for him again in May in Annex Theatre's Sideshow.

Susie McGee (Performer) danced professionally for seventeen years and was the artistic director of her own dance theatre company for ten. She has worked in the visual arts as a designer and artist. She began studying clown five years ago at Freehold Theater under the direction of George Lewis and finds it particularly challenging, rewarding and life affirming. Susie is a certified Pilates instructor and has been teaching in her own studio for seven years.

Sachie Mikawa (Band) Originally from Sendai City, Japan, Sachie Mikawa is a Seattle-based actor, clown and musician. Sachie took her clown, Shark Poop, to various venues in Seattle including Not All Clowns Are Bozos II at Theatre Off Jackson. Sachie is one of the founders of Le Frenchword, a Seattle-based absurdist comedy troupe, and a creator/performer of their original work "Fancy Mud" which will be seen at Edmonton Fringe Festival and Winnipeg Fringe Festival this summer. Sachie is also a musician/creator of The Frenchword Warehouse, the musical division of Le Frenchword.

Victoria Millard (Performer, Director of Not All Chickens Go to Heaven, and Coach) has been a member of the Seattle physical theatre community for over thirty years, as performer/creator, coach, director, teacher and hospital clown. She lived and trained for over three years in Europe, which gave her a foundation in the ageless tradition and social significance of the clown and fool. She has performed nationally and internationally, and in her newest role as President of the Board of Ear to the Ground, continues to pass on the beauty and artistry of this rich tradition.

Mary Purdy (Performer) is a former professional writer/performer turned Registered Dietitian who dabbles in the creative arts for the sheer joy of it. She has written and performed numerous solo pieces at Hugo House, On the Boards, Annex Theatre, Theatre off Jackson's Solo Performance Festival & NACAB and Bumbershoot. She also co-founded Unicycle Theater Collective dedicated to producing new & original solo theatrical works. Her full length shows PURDY WOMAN & Judy Blume Owes Me were produced in NYC/LA/Chicago/Seattle. When not thinking about diabetes and kale, she writes humorous essays on her blog . Thanks to Ceci and Victoria Millard for help in developing the piece.

Xan Scott (Performer) So pleased to be back on the stage with NACAB IV. Graduating with a MFA from Naropa University at London International School of Performing Arts in Lecoq based: Actor created theatre, Xan is directly using her degree in this uniquely collaborative process. As a new Artistic Associate for Ear To The Ground, Xan is in the early germinating stages of the ensemble show do to open in the Fall of 2012. Special thanks to Victoria Millard and Doug Bruey for going above and beyond their call of duty. Arne Zaslove, Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, and especially Ear to the Ground for setting high standards with earnest hearts!

Linda Severt (Band Leader) Award-winning musician, Linda Severt, has been making a racket and subverting authority for a long time, including seven years with the Big Apple Circus as a "Doctor of Delight" in Seattle Children's Hospital. She is positively delighted to have put together this talented clown band to make beautiful and stupid music together. Linda would like to thank Cecelia Frye, Laura King and Carter Rodriquez for their talent, generosity and support and her dog, Gilda, for all those wags.

Tom Spangenberg (Performer) has studied and been performing theatrical clown for about five years now. This genre of theater particularly resonates with him in that it's not acting, but rather it's about revealing the truth of the relationship between our vulnerable humanity, each other, and the world around us. Tom also acts, dances, directs, plays music, bicycles, engineers, writes, sound designs, eats, drinks, poops and (sometimes) sleeps.

Tania Sung (Performer) is excited to be part of a clown show and is very grateful to Ear to the Ground and Cecelia for this opportunity. Previously, she has directed a clown piece for the Freehold Studio Series and became frenemies with failure in George Lewis's clown classes at Freehold Theatre. She would like to thank her friends for all their support. Special thanks to God for creating her in a way that continues to baffle her loving family.

Jenni Taggart (Performer) is thrilled to be joining the onstage fun of NACAB after three years behind the scenes. Recent credits include Live Girls! Quickies XII, Nebunele's Theatrepoems, Freehold's Studio Series, and Stone Soup's XX Fest. Jenni has appeared at Seattle Musical Theatre as a doomed Hungarian "murderess" in Chicago, Jane's evil Aunt Reed in Jane Eyre, General Cartwright in Guys & Dolls, and Ma Templeton in George M! Appearances on other Seattle stages include Godspell (UPAC Theatre Group) and A Tap Dance Christmas Carol (Anacrusis Modern Tap Dance). Jenni studies acting at Freehold Studios and voice with Elena Louise Richmond and Ann Evans Zavada. By day, Jenni is a Senior Lecturer in Mathematics at the University of Washington.

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