Not All Clowns are Bozos III: Clowning Me Softly

January 13-15, 2011

Theatre Off Jackson

Our third year brought award winning talents who have charmed audiences from Teatro Zinzanni to Singapore. Featuring Luke Saylor and Garth Brewe, Christopher Bange, Linda Severt, Xan Scott and Noah Parriott, Jenna Bean Veatch and Naomi Russell, Janet Rayor, Unicycle Collective's Mary Purdy and UMO Ensemble founders Janet McAlpin and David Godsey.

Performer Bios

Christopher Bange (Professor Pithlump's Latest and Greatest Discovery) is very happy to be back performing with this talented group of clowns. He received his BA in Theater from Western Washington Universtity. He then went on to study clown and other physical theater forms at Dell'arte International School of Physical Theater in Northern California. Chris has created and toured, nationally and internationally, original plays. If you like what you see tonight please come see him do his one man magic/comedy extravaganza, More Bange For Your Buck!, at the Rendezvous/Jewelbox Theater January 26th and Jan. 27th at 8 pm.

Garth Brewe (The SHOW!!) is an actor and writer living in Seattle, Washington. He is excited to be returning for another year with Not All Clowns Are Bozos. He would like to thank his family, friends, and Mr. Sayler for their support throughout.

David Godsey (The Best Seat in the House) is a graduate of the Professional Training Program at the Circle in the Square in New York and the Laboratory of Movement Studies at Ecole LeCoq in Paris. Since co-founding UMO Ensemble in 1987, it has been the primary focus and outlet for his performance work. Outside of UMO David has been involved in several projects and creative endeavors. With his partner Janet he continues to create and perform original character clown pieces. David is currently participating as a co-producer and performer with the Church of Great Rain comedy, music and variety show on Vashon.

Janet McAlpin (The Best Seat in the House) trained for two years at the School of Jacques LeCoq (Paris, France), co-founded UMO Ensemble (1987) and has been teaching, directing and performing physical theater for over 23 years. She has performed various characters on different apparatus (Hoops, trapeze, globes and stilts) at Teatro Zinzani, Cirque du Flambe, The Moisture Festival and with UMO Ensemble both regionally and internationally. She loves water, and her son Kai who is her clown mentor. She is looking forward to performing the clown piece, "Red Tiger Tales" with Cecelia, David, Lyam and Marchette at ACT theater in April.

Noah Parriott (Taken) Noah's role as a street musician comes naturally due to his experience playing at The Pike Place Market over the last few years. The opportunity to arrange these original songs and perform in a theatre setting has been an awesome challenge in broadening his artistic style.

Colonel Percy Pithlump (Professor Pithlump's Latest and Greatest Discovery) Head of the Royal Society of Explorers and Archaeologists, London, England. Colonel Pithlump has, at one time or another, bested the likes of lions, monsters, lake terrors, mummies, ancient horrors, ice-gods and other beasties too numerous to mention. Still going strong at 125 years old, it must be true that legends never die.

Mary Purdy (Five Bucks for Sadie) has been a solo performer and writer for over 10 years and is co-founder of Unicycle Collective in Seattle dedicated to developing solo works. Her one woman shows have been produced in NYC, LA, the Piccolo Spoleto Fest, Bumbershoot and featured in a variety of comedy festivals. Her shorter solo pieces have been seen in Seattle at such venues as On the Boards, Hugo House, Annex Theatre, and Live Girls! Theatre. She has performed throughout NYC and regionally, was also a comedy contributor to NPR's "The Next Big Thing", and was seen Off-Broadway. She is also a Registered Dietitian and eats an absurd amount of kale.

Janet Rayor (Sympathique) is a French vocalist who began studying mime at 13 and was influenced by Carol Burnett and Tim Conway. A principal member of Kay Casperson & the Foolery mask and mime company by age 19, her solo work won her a Comedy in Performance merit scholarship to Columbia, Ohio's Physical Theatre Intensive. She's performed her solo work in Cologne, Germany, Movement Theatre International in Philadelphia, On the Boards, Bumbershoot, and in theatres throughout Colorado. "Sympatique," is now performed for concerts with Rouge, the five-piece French cafe band Janet founded in 1998. Special thanks to inventor Kim David Hall and accordionist Steve Rice.

Luke Sayler (The SHOW!!) Luke is almost giddy to be involved with Not All Clowns Are Bozos for the second year in a row. He is a graduate of Cornish College of the Arts where he majored in acting, playwriting and directing. Luke was last seen performing at Stone Soup Theatre in The Real Inspector Hound. Bently and Ritchie have been working together and doing THE SHOW!! for nearly three years. Previously on THE SHOW!! the terrible two discussed marriage and ruined Bently's mother's wedding (cake)!

Alexandra Scott (Taken) Xan earned her MFA at LISPA, London International School of Performing Arts, in 2008. Delighted to be back in Seattle she is encouraged by the support of her collaborators and grateful for the unique venue that Ear To The Ground provides. Thank you to all who said "yes" to make this happen.

Linda Severt ( Gadzooks! Here we are again! Linda is positively tickled to be back for another NACAB run. She has been creating funny business and music for twenty-something years and is honored to have collaborated for this piece with the clever and talented and oh-so-funny Cecelia Frye. Linda has performed at the Kennedy Center (Wash. DC), Kim Tom International Clown Festival (Shanghai) and worked for the Big Apple Circus Clown Care at Seattle Children's Hospital for 7 years. She's also a multiple award-winning children's music recording artist. Bla, bla, bla. Check her out at: Smooches to Ear to the Ground for production and clown wrangling!

Jenna Bean Veatch and Naomi Russell (Lady Twinkle McBean VS Bunny de la Nuit). Jenna Bean and Naomi have worked together on a number of projects, including: Naomi's 2006 dance about nuns in vintage bathing suits swimming across the Puget Sound; Jenna Bean's "Peepshow," a dance-duet featuring and inspired by several hundred Marshmallow Peeps; Jenna Bean's "Pea Pod Parade," a Busby Berkeley-style dance with vegetables; and as cats, rabbits, horses, and other magic-makers in Lucia Neare's much celebrated "Lullaby Moon." Jenna Bean's "I Believe I Can Fly" was presented in the first "Not All Clowns are Bozos." Special thanks to the Century Ballroom, Becky Poole, Bryan Thomas, Jen Wazel and Cecelia.

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