Not All Clowns are Bozos

January 15-17, 2009

Theatre Off Jackson

In January 2009, Ear to the Ground assembled several of the Northwest's funniest, sweetest, and stupidest clowns for a night of laughs.

Spaceman Jack
Spaceman Jack
(Jack StockLynn)
These physically comedic performers brought us into the delightful world of kooky clown logic. Portland clown Sarah Liane Foster shared with us her views on the end of the world via trombone and on the dangers of talking in Bicycle language with your loved ones. Another Portland clown, Jack StockLynn, brought us Spaceman Jack, who struggled with getting to the space museum let alone going beyond. Also on the bill were Jenna Bean Veatch, who truly believe she could fly, and Linda Severt,
(Brynna Jourden)
whose Maestro could do almost anything but actually play the ukelele. Ear to the Ground's own Cecelia Frye had an existential clown crisis and Valerie Moseley's Betty Ann had trouble keeping random objects from falling out from under her skirt while giving the performance of her life. Whitney Lawless and Brynna Jourden taught the class about the evolution of the hammer with a not-so-little hammer accident along the way. Ear to the Ground's long-standing duo, Chickee and Boom-Boom, also made an appearance with a couple of their classic quirky dances.


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