About Us

Company History

Mission Statement

Ear to the Ground's mission is to present captivating and transformative theatre that actively engages audiences' imaginations with live music, striking visuals and intense physicality. We strive to produce highly professional, original work, while also supporting the development and training of emerging physical theatre artists. We are committed to fulfilling this mission through our core values of integrity, respect, listening, community and fun. Read more.

Artistic Statement

Ear to the Ground explores and celebrates universal human experience through artist-generated physical theatre. American theatre continues to be, in large part, text-based. However, a body in motion is still the simplest means to establish empathy; we at Ear to the Ground consider this our founding principle. We believe the feature that most distinguishes live theatre from digital and electronic entertainment is the passion for forging human connection through shared physical space and time. We foster the development of emerging physical theatre practitioners by recruiting world class teaching artists from Seattle and beyond. These workshops provide unique training in skills for creating cutting-edge new works. We are committed to making these continuing education opportunities affordable. Ear to the Ground pays special tribute to the much-maligned art form of theatrical clown. This unconventional style of live performance has its roots in a deep tradition that celebrates the foibles and brilliance of being human with sincerity in silliness. Ear to the Ground listens for what is needed today and teaches others how to be "in play". We champion the cause of 'play' as a source of deep and profound joy, as a balm for easing the pressure we collectively experience in our stress-inducing world. This company is committed to growing as a hub for sharing information and resources with like-minded physical theatre artists here and abroad.

Working Ethos

Ear to the Ground takes prides in its ethos of being respectful to all, including one's self. EttG expects all to be respectful of others' time, energy, skills, body, and individuality. This is manifested in showing up on time ready to go, being courteous, pitching in, listening well, being safe, following through with what you say you'll do, being honest and direct, asking questions and being curious, and taking care of yourself.